RMStallman Foundation

Richard Stallman

Founder of GNU Project and Free Software Foundation


Once thought to be a future biologist, the breathing legend, Richard Matthew Stallman joined the hacker’s community instead.

A Harvard grad, he abandoned his Physics graduate studies at MIT while still being a programmer at MIT Artificial Intelligent Laboratory.

While DARPA was busy funding the password based computer access, he found a way to decrypt the passwords and sent users messages containing their decoded password. Soon when the hacker culture began to fragment, owing to the software manufacturers refusing to reveal their source codes, he began the free software movement.

In 1983 he, launched the GNU project, which had inspired the birth of Linux. He was also involved in reviving the International Music Store Library Project and voices the free software activism. His position as a research affiliate at MIT is unpaid because he likes the fact that money is not telling him what to do.

An admirer of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., Stallman, has eight honorary doctorates.

Videos of RMS Lectures-




  1. Hatchback@in.com

    great work man!!!!

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